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iphone 11 specs & price.... Iphone 11 review

Apple iPhone 11 ..:

We noticed that iPhone 11 is the successor of the iPhone XR. It uses Apple's A13 Bionic processor, which contains a third-generation neural engine and this processor is also present in iPhone 11 pro. It is present in three internal storage 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256GB. IT Contains 4 GB of RAM. We loved iPhone 11 coz of its very reasonable price which is quite less than the price of iPhone XS in 2018, iPhone 11 has IP68 water and dust-resistant rating along with dirt and grime, one of its best features is that it is water-resistant up to two meters for 30 minutes but actually the manufacturer warranty does not cover liquid damage to the mobile phone.
We suggest iPhone 11 coz Firstly: Surprisingly it provides the most advanced camera with best imaging properties which contains two 12 MP rear sensors with whom you can know to capture wider angle snaps along with normal images.

Secondly: One of the best and impressive parts of this mobile phone is its best night mode imaging property. It brings unimaginable shine and clarity to unattainable dark scenes, The selfie camera has been upgraded to 12-megapixels over 7-megapixels as compared to iPhone XR, and they look better overall, especially Portrait Mode selfies coz of its quality to defocus the background. You should know though, that by default selfies shot in portrait orientation will be captured in a cropped, 7-megapixel resolution. You can zoom out to take in more of the background when you want to take a group selfie (this automatically happens when you rotate the camera to landscape).
Thirdly: The design of the iPhone 11 is not updated a lot as compared to iPhone XS in 2018, although this iPhone has a larger 6.1 inches display which has a maximum brightness of 625 nits. The best feature about the display is that it has an oleophobic coating, which is fingerprint resistant, but apple also announced that both iPhone 11 and iPhone 11pro would show a warning notification if it displays has been replaced with an unauthorized part during the repairing process.

One of the best properties that we also loved is that that iPhone 11 is available in six colors. Purple, Green, Black, White, and mostly preferred Red. It contains a notch at the front for the True depth camera system and speaker which is quite similar to its predecessor, the iPhone XR. This mobile phone has a place for the cameras and flashes on its backside having the size the same as of iPhone 11 pro but actually, iPhone 11 has two cameras on its back as compared to iPhone 11 pro which is having Three cameras on it's back.
Apple tells that the iPhone 11 is having somehow more battery life than that of the iPhone XR. It is very a boring task to test the battery, Although sadly there is no fast charger in the box, so if you wanted to get it fully charge the power pack you will need to wait around three hours before it’s fully juiced up.

The GREAT... APPLE claims that the iPhone 11 lasts an hour more batter timing that is of iPhone XR, which too lasts a good battery life itself. during the testing ion te end of the working day, it's the battery lasts up 48% at 5: 30 pm it was about 35% 7:00 pm and by 10: 00 pm it was about 19%. I was using it normally playing 8 pool ball,m clicking some of the best pics, replying on messenger, and watching some clips on Dailymotion and as usual on youtube.

On the heavy day use( more than the normal) when I watch more than the normal videos and clicking a lot of pics for more than five hours, the battery of iPhone 11 remain 18% by the end of the at 5. 30 pm... most of the best mobile phones would have been dead .... above 50% proportion of the people will be satisfied with its performance.
In one of the best battery tests while continuously watching 1080p videos on youtube over wifi and standard brightness iPhone 11 lasted a battery for 5 hours and 15 minutes. But these tests are not so perfect to follow. in such a test for Oneplus 7 pro, its battery lasted for 13 hours... but it was unable to last a full day battery for normal use.

However, that's rather starting the obvious – smartphones became powerful enough to respond instantly to your every task but here we see the differences between the merely good handsets and the very best. The demo game we played on the iPhone 11 looked great, with all quality of shadows and reflections flickering about the screen, and ran fluidly.

Our experience playing other, less and medium powerful games on the handset was just as we were looking for, everything looking bright and clear, and there was nothing enough in the way of slow down this beast system, and most of the games with scenery re-rendering quickly as we moved (for e.g the racing games), and best visual elements like water splashed about so beautifully...

There was some sort of low-quality problems regarding iPhone 11 was not so rapid across some of the tasks such as: saving photos or video to the camera roll sometimes took a second or a bit more, but actually, you are processing large amounts of data ( for e.g during Night mode or 4K video), so that is a little bit problem that you can meet in this grand product, but most of the people might expect performance to be same and best all the time.
Throughout sincerely and fairly we didn't notice any real problems with the iPhone 11 unbelievably it is the best smart and speedy handset that you can buy without thinking of anything wrong, and it delivers better performance than priced phones that are available in the market.
Actually, we noticed one of the changes that we want to deliver to you people is that: within iPhone XR, there was no 3D Touch within iPhone 11, so pressing harder on the screen would not produce any new menus or any of the additional functions.

In short, when you hold down on icons on the home screen you will have to choose the option to rearrange apps menus and different settings.

You can buy it if you really want...........

If you want the Apple series latest and most beat iPhone somehow cheaper...

Actually, it is not so cheap, but it had the most cost-effective phone we have ever seen from Apple since the iPhone SE, but it is most powerful than it.

If you want the best and long-lasting battery life mobile phone, the best workable and most effective mobile phone that will not tease to get it charged again and again

If you want the best camera to get beautiful and most effective pictures of yourself and nature along with the best of the night mode coz it is consisting of two deep Fusion lenses and they are combined to get of the best snapper and its pro range gets the best of it.

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