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Samsung Foldable Phones...SAMSUNG GALAXY FOLD 2 -Just Revealed- Here It Is-

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The Samsung Galaxy fold 2 may have been revealed finally. The design of the Samsung Galaxy folds 2 is being revealed. The reliable leaked ice universe has shared that what will be the final design of Samsung galaxy fold 2 and it's probably not what you expected what many were quick to try and shut the leak down and there is a very good reason for it and it is, of course, the cameras there, unfortunately, isn't enough space internally to have a camera on the front and the back in the same place in this positioning it does solve that issue even I said himself that he thought the positioning was strange. It can't be in the top right because of the rear camera, it can't be on the left-hand side of the screen as the front cover camera is there so they've gone with the center of the right-hand side when you are also asking a white couldn't be in the top-left of the galaxy fold 2 and this is, of course, a very good question my only thinking is that maybe it's not a good position for taking selfies when you have the screen fully open if you think about it on a normal phone with the selfie camera in the top left or the top right it is still relatively close to the center.

Whereas on the galaxy fold it's gonna be far away from the center so it may be awkward for taking selfies well though we have actually seen this in the past with tablets like Huawei's mate pad pro and I haven't heard anyone complain about that so it's a bit of a hard situation now as my brain says that it cannot be right but then the ice universe is a very reliable leaker. He's normally very vague if he doesn't have all the details so for him to come out and say it like this then he must be pretty certain and he does have a decent track record it's not gonna be too much longer until we have this confirmed by Samsung and as always that some other leakers are gonna probably chip in and either agree or disagree it's also important to remember that sometimes that leaks can be wrong they can come from an earlier prototype that was changed or for many other reasons so if a leaker is wrong it doesn't mean they're lying it just means the information they were given was incorrect.
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We did have confirmed however is that Samsung is unveiling a new service called pay card they've teamed up with curved and MasterCard to provide a finance system to link with your bank cards and allow for viewing and analysis of your payments given its announcement this morning, it's no doubt going to be available on the Galaxy fold 2 but the Galaxy fold 2 is coming very soon and as expected it's gonna be part of an online-only launch event the event is gonna be for the note 20 the Zedd flip and the fold 2 and pretty much all leakers are agreeing that it's gonna be on the 5th of August while all the phones are gonna be launched together. There's unfortunately new news that the Galaxy fold 2 is gonna face a delay of release the galaxy fold to what was meant to be available shortly after. The official launch in the trailer was released but it's no longer going to be happening the galaxy fold 2 has not yet reached its final version of its boot loader so it's just not gonna be ready in the time it's a software issue. So it's not going to be too problematic but it means we will see a delay and reports are suggesting that mass production is going to begin in August instead of the planned July when.

It comes to the pricing though we had news early on the galaxy fold 2 should be around 1800 dollars the news did, however, come from Ross Young who has been incorrect a couple of times to be fair though he was giving leaks very early on so things may have just changed also with the actual release being delayed by a month we don't know. This may have some effect on costs. One of the largest rumors currently floating around the web is that the Galaxy fold 2 is going to be the device from Samsung to have an in-display selfie camera. Well, this would actually make sense given that it is a luxury device with a very high price tag.
It appears it's just not gonna happen yet credible Lika ice universe has already advised on Twitter that Samsung is considering this technology for debut in the S 21. He advises that Samsung is currently evaluating its feasibility for the S 21 so there's just no way. It's gonna be ready in time for the Galaxy fold 2 the outer design of the galaxy fall 2 is also reported to be very similar to its predecessor but with a larger external display. Although the whole industry has been experiencing delays due to the current outbreak, we're still expecting mass production to begin mid-may and commercial units should be ready by June when you're speculating that the Samsung Galaxy fall 2 is gonna be releasing alongside the note 20 in August. So it's not too much longer until we find out we've had plenty of other concepts for the device from people such as on leaks and concept creator and the future of the folding phones is looking bright. 
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It's more of a Galaxy Tab with a folding form factor and with this design, we get a much larger display and a better aspect ratio for both media and gaming the pattern also reveals a full-screen display when unfolded so this is where the rumors of the in-display camera originally came from of course. While in-display cameras do seem very unlikely at this time it's not impossible and nothing's been confirmed just yet the early leaks came from a South Korean publication who advised the whole design of the Galaxy fold 2 what was aimed at having a tablet but with portability, it’s reportedly going to be designed to fit comfortably in pockets. Still provide a large enough display the galaxy fold 2 can supposedly be used in the form of a mini laptop by resting the bottom on the surface and folding up. The top we then have a display on top with a keyboard on the bottom. Previous reports were also stating that Samsung was switching to using ultra-thin glass instead of the transparent polyimide were used to and this glass was said to be capable of using an S Pen now. This is where the confusion originally came from if these reports were published before the launch of the Zed flip. So we had less information about ultra-thin glass we now know that in its current form. It's not able to support an S Pen so I advise it to disregard these rumors.

When it comes to the hardware and the specification that we of course will get the 512 gigs of internal storage and this will at buf s3 we expect this to be coupled up with 16 gigs of ram and it's, of course, gonna use. The new snapdragon 865 will likely get some decent cameras but media is gonna be the main target audience rather than photography. A device that folds out into a large tablet is great for watching media gaming or even doing some editing, but having a large device is not the best choice for a portable camera. The pattern doesn't confirm that this is the galaxy fold 2 or that this is ever gonna make it to market but it does seem a very sensible design that could take off. If it does we know that despite their initial issue Samsung is continuing to push their foldable devices.

Unfortunately being a luxury product it also means it is gonna come with a luxury price tag although the price of the new Galaxy fold 2 is still very much unknown with the launch expected to be July or August it's not going to be.
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