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Car brands...The Most Overrated Cars Present Today...

Today we're going to discuss the five most overrated enthusiast cars in the world. The last car on this list is surely gonna blow your mind.

5...:  Mark IV Toyota SupraTurbo(Car brands)
The Mark IV Toyota SupraTurbo is overrated. At a maximum of 320 horsepower at nearly 3,500 pounds, it's slow and it's not the supercar Slayer everybody thinks it is today. It's too heavy, it's too soft, and they really stretched their stats at launch. Toyota claimed numbers that put them in front of their competition at the time. Like the FTRX7 and the 300 ZX Twin Turbo. But when it came time to put the Super up to the task, it fell to the bottom of the pack, both on the track and in the quarter-mile. Combine that with the fact that these cars reached an original MSRP of $50,000 in 1996, which is over $80,000 in today's money with inflation.
These cars were far from competing with anything in their price bracket. And now that they've exploded in value in the last couple of years, the same thing could be said again. Don't get me wrong, the Mark Iv Supra is an absolutely gorgeous car that demands attention. It defines the 1990s automotive era and generates massive amounts of nostalgia because of that. And let's not forget the supra's insane potential. But I'm afraid its potential only reflects the price point and not the true nature of the car itself. And for that reason, a demon overhyped and overrated.

4...: Nissan 370Z  ( Car brands )
The Nissan 370Z is an absolute embarrassment when you consider that they've been producing this car with the same statistics and build quality since 2009, with nearly zero changes. Put yourself back in time for a minute to an era where automotive manufacturers were building trash interiors with terrible materials and technology coming straight out of the late 2000 recession is that a good puke face? Now imagine if the manufacturer decided to make zero changes since then, but the same trash production techniques, confusing technology in low 300 horsepower naturally aspirated drive trains.
Well, that's exactly what Nissan did to the 370Z. When the 370Z launched, it was an amazing platform. It was outperforming the Mustang at the time with a lighter weight chassis and continued to out power the 4.6liter Ford modular motor, just like the 350Z did. But soon after the 370s launched, the pony car war started happening. The Camaro came along with 426 horsepower Mopar released it's 425 horsepower SRTA and Mustang introduced a 412 horsepower, five-liter modular VA dubbed the Coyote. So what did Nissan do to survive? Nothing at all. They held their breath and tried to win the race with the tortoise and the hare analogy and kept producing nearly the same car through 2020. It’s fricking interior people look at this information display on the gauge cluster. It's straight out of the2003 Nissan parts bin. It's right next to the rigging infotainment system that already has a digital clock display in it. Now I know you see, people are screaming at the screen about, well, what if the option, of the car, is up to navigation? You don't get that screen. Yeah, what if you mean you get a CD player straight out of 2006, Pontiac G6, that doesn't even display time? Come on Nissan. Even with the $45,000 mismo package, you're looking at competing with the rental car spec V6 Mustangs and Camaro's. The Nissan 370Z can be a fantastic use to sports car offering plenty of value in its early heavily depreciated model years. But offering the people a two-door sports car that's 15% better than 2003, 350Z starting at$30,000 for a base model is absolutely offensive making the 370Z one of the most overrated modern cars on the market right now.

3...: Subaru Impreza WRX STI (Car brands)
Just because they took Impreza out of the name, doesn't change the fact that you're driving around in a performance trimmed economy car. Get over yourselves in the economy car interior quality that you rode in on. All right, now that I got that off my chest, the cult following behind the WRX and STI is absolutely mind-blowing. Subaru People are extremely passionate for many different reasons. And once you're bitten by the bug, it seems like people can't have just one. On one hand, you have a turbocharged manual car with a world-renowned we go drive system inspired by decades of legitimate rally heritage. They have tons of tuning potential and huge aftermarket availability. But on the other hand, you have a terribly inefficient unreliable flat forth that sounds like yeti Dudu being violently forced through a hand my own trumpet with compressed air. And I literally do not know a single person that has owned a Subaru for more than a year that hasn't experienced catastrophic engine or transmission failure.
Naturally aspirated, turbocharged stock, and modified all of them, Kaboom. Combine that with not being that fun to drive outside of off-road and snow applications, I don't fully understand the hype or the price point. You're looking at $20,000 for a third-gen STI that's heavier and more numb than the previous generation. Now you're looking at a $40,000price tag for a 2020 STI. The smaller engine and it is300 pounds heavier, it has only 10 more horsepower than the blob I have after 16 years. It's laughable. How are people not angry about this? How does this nameplate still have a cult following? The modern Subaru WRX STI is underdeveloped and overrated.

2...: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X (Car brands)
Mitsubishi's evolution name has long been known for being a staple in rally-inspired performance cars. Competing with sports cars on the street with more than double its engine displacement. This put the evolution name high on the totem pole of quick and capable cars. But what happens when the manufacturer sales start to decline? They start to focus on market trends and spend more time on things like SUVs, crossovers, and alternative fuel technology, resulting in less focus on sport-oriented vehicles. Unfortunately for the Evolution nameplate, Mitsubishi decided to ride on the coattails of the Evos previous performance and racing success and make it a softer, more comfortable oriented quieter car based around the evolution named for its 10th rendition. The Evo X was nearly 300 fricking pounds heavier than the outgoing Evo IX, and it only got a five horsepower bump.
The new Evo was laughably more than half a second slower in the quarter-mile than the previous generation. So you can imagine just how much it lacked on the track. If the power to weight slowed it down that much in a straight line. Most people see the Evo name and think about its rally success and movie famous Evo VIII without the tax and jump on it thinking that they have a fast car, but not this time. Evo Xis like the great value version of Doritos. On paper, it looks similar, but it's very different. And that's why the Evo Xis overhyped and overrated.

1...: R322 Skyline GT-R (Car brands)
Don't get it twisted, I love the R322 GT-R. It's one of the most beautiful vehicles I've ever seen in my life and RB 26 will go down as one of my favorite sounding cars of all time. But the way the market is skyrocketing on these cars is straight out of control. When the R32 GT-R first started wiggly coming into The U.S, they were a very reasonable 15 to $20,000 all said and done, sometimes even cheaper than that. Now that deal presented a ton of value. A twin-turbocharged, in line6 cylinders that delivers incredible aggressive, yet smooth power down to all four wheels through a manual transmission with a proclaimed 276 horsepower, which was rather insane for 1989. Even more insane than that is that the number better represented its power at the wheels, but the fun and game stop there.
Somehow the more of these cars got imported, the more they go up in value. These days you'll be hard-pressed to find a rough example for $20,000. And good examples are up past $30,000 and beyond for bell specked cars with a mile just absolutely bonkers. When cars start rising and value for no reason like this, it's a real turn off for me because while the car is nearly perfect, it's not $30,000 worth of cars. There are tons of cars out there that will out power, outperform, out handle and outclass the 90s interior of the R23 GT-R for the same and less money.

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